Psychology is focused on the study of mental processes and human behavior with a wide variety of applications in the academic world, private practice and even in business. Students who are interested in psychology will use their skills to help people adjust to changes in their life, learn new behaviors and process their past.

Psychology is both an art and a science, requiring a broad base of technique and knowledge to be proficient. Generally, the psychology curriculum includes a variety of classes in cognitive process and assessment, data analysis, quantitative experimental methods and developmental psychology, as well as classes in the humanities. Once the basic areas of study have been completed and prerequisites have been completed, a specialization can be isolated. Popular areas such as neuropsychology, child and adolescent psychology, counseling psychology, Freudian analysis, and forensics are all excellent options.

Internships provide real-world experience to students before they graduate. These internships may be in psychiatric departments, non-profit organizations, and rehabilitation clinics where they can observe how psychologists work, observe patients, and hone their own skills.

After graduation, most psychology students eventually pursue a Master’s Degree or a PhD. These advanced degrees offer opportunities to teach at the college level, or pursue highly specialized occupations such as working with law enforcement as a forensic psychologist, working for governmental agencies focusing on international diplomatic relations, or working as a consultant in the business world as an industrial-organizational psychologist, among other more traditional counseling roles. Other popular areas include school psychology, addiction counseling, and research.

No matter the area, those with advanced degrees and in highly specialized areas of psychology tend to earn the highest salaries and are in high demand. Career opportunities will continue to grow as psychology and bio-chemistry are linked together and science makes breakthroughs that help people to adjust to stress and crisis in their life. Overall, psychology is an area of growth for the future.

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