Nursing - RN - BSN

Nurses with a BSN degree enjoy a challenging career, offering them the opportunity to be the first point of contact for those in need. On a regular basis, nurses use a combination of high-tech medical skills and compassion to serve people. Nursing is ideal for people who are compassionate and caring, and yet have a good aptitude with technology and medical science.

The curriculum for nursing students encompasses several different types of science: physical, natural, social and cultural science, as well as covering the humanities. Once prerequisites have been fulfilled, advanced studies of anatomy and physiology, clinical management, treatment methods, and drug pharmacology are completed. Additional classes in illness treatment and management provide cutting-edge knowledge on the latest techniques that are being used in hospitals and clinics as well as specialized classes in obstetrics, surgery and public health which prepare nurses to work in a variety of settings.

With their degree, BSN nursing graduates have the opportunity to work in a wide variety of settings, including: hospitals and clinics, hospice care centers, schools, VA centers, out-patient surgery centers, and nursing homes. And, unlike many other majors, practicum hours are offered at the beginning of the curriculum and continue throughout, rather than only as a senior level option.

Because a BSN degree can be offered through a variety of platforms, it is appealing to traditional students and those who are interested in changing careers. Traditional on-campus curriculums or online curriculums, that feature in-person clinical training, are widely available.

By all accounts, the need for BSN nurses will continue to grow. College students who graduate with a BSN have the opportunity to combine continual learning, high-tech knowledge, a passion for serving others, and daily challenges as part of their job. With the demand increasing and the fulfilling aspects of serving as a nurse, it is an excellent choice for a career.

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