Marketing & Advertising

Marketing and Advertising professionals work diligently to expose a product or service to the market by developing strategies around promotion, pricing and product development. Largely based in communication, the study of Marketing and Advertising can be a rewarding career for those who would like to use creativity in business.

In both traditional applications and with new technology, marketing focuses on researching customer needs through aggressive customer analysis, market research and strategic planning. All of these functions work together to constantly put a product before an audience. The curriculum for a Marketing and Advertising major is steeped in business theory. Classes on salesmanship, consumer behavior, and business communications are all part of the curriculum for those interested in Marketing and Advertising. Research classes, including business statistics and psychology, may also be included to help students develop critical thinking skills.

Specific marketing skills such as written and verbal communication, video production, strategic and analytical thinking, mass communication, publishing, brand management, and product development are developed in the higher level classes and in internships. These classes help to teach students about how to deliver information about products and services that meet customer needs. Internships allow students to get out of the classroom and to experience how promotion of a product or service operates in the business environment.

Careers in Marketing and Advertising can be enjoyable, with a combination of business management skills and creativity needed to promote a product or service. Marketing and Advertising professionals can be found in virtually every business environment, whether working in the non-profit sector at a healthcare organization to working at an agency. In the workplace, jobs may fit under the heading of media buyer, market researcher, or even a public relations professional. With this type of comprehensive background, developing skills as a Marketing and Advertising major sets students up for success in the business environment.

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