Information Technology

Information Technology (IT) as a career field is one that will benefit from high-demand for the foreseeable future. Information Technology work diligently to maintain and develop business computing systems to ensure accurate record keeping, data warehousing and maintenance. With the rapid growth of technology, IT professionals must have an inherent interest in continual learning.

IT professionals typically are presented with a problem that is affecting a business-- for example, a concern in maintaining data warehousing or improving customer service. Then, IT specialists analyze the problem and create a system that will deliver the desired results. In order to learn how to perform this valuable service, the IT curriculum is focused on a wide variety of skills, such as learning effective business communication, project management, system analysis and effective technological strategies. Learning these basic business skills in addition to the regular technological curriculum provides IT majors with a broad base of practical business experience to use in the real world.

Once into IT specific courses, the curriculum includes theoretical material, the application of Business Intelligence, networking, and practical applications surrounding possible structures and solutions. These classes help prepare students for a variety of career options within the IT major. These specializations include: software programming, system analysis and design, data warehousing and security, networking, computer forensics, and database design. As a way to develop practical experience, IT majors will participate in internships, hands-on projects and field trips. IT professionals with Master’s Degrees experience high-demand in that they typically plan and manage large organizational computer and technological needs, work as network administrators or lead teams that develop and present new software solutions to organizations.

Because of the constantly developing technology environment, IT professionals will experience high demand in the future. With high demand, additional education and years of experience, earning an excellent level of compensation is easier than in many other areas.

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