For those looking for a career field with a variety of options and almost guaranteed growth, health may be the answer. Focusing on the prevention, detection, and treatment of the millions of working parts in the human body, healthcare workers work in challenging environments to give their patients the best quality of life possible.

The options for careers in healthcare are vast. Some examples of opportunities include: orthopedic surgery, pediatrics, nursing, physical therapy, and phlebotomy. Because there are so many options, the educational requirements vary. Most curriculums focus on courses in science such as anatomy, biology and chemistry, in addition to regular prerequisites such as math and history. The level of education is correlated with the job. For instance, an Associate’s Degree is needed for employment in labs and for some basic nursing positions. Registered nurses may need to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree to work in surgical or obstetric units. For speech pathology, and occupational or physical therapy, a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree is usually necessary. And, to become a medical doctor or full-time researcher, a PhD or MD is required. Healthcare majors round out their education by learning hands-on skills through practicum hours, which provide experience necessary for their careers.

Another variable in the healthcare field is the setting. Because healthcare workers are employed in a variety of settings, they have the opportunity to choose what best fits their talent, interest and lifestyle. Some work in hospitals and clinics, while others work in the public health arena. Some work in nursing homes and rehabilitation clinics, and still others teach or start their own practice. Regardless of the education level achieved, or the setting they work in, healthcare workers participate in an aggressive amount of continuing education to maintain their licenses.

Overall, healthcare represents a growth area. With an aging population, many of the fastest growing job opportunities are related to healthcare. A degree in healthcare offers an opportunity to serve others in a critical area that offers job security and growth.

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