Graphic Design

Graphic design has become a career in high demand as technology has transformed the way that design is delivered. While in the past, graphic design was part of the Communications Department at most schools, now, due to the demand, many schools offer graphic design as a standalone major.

Technology has changed the job of a graphic designer dramatically. While the tools of the trade have gotten much more high-tech, the job of a graphic designer is still focused on using visual strategies to to communicate an idea or message. College students interested in graphic design know that art and creativity are major components of a career in graphic design. No other career offers such a diverse need of talents-- the logical thinking of technology, plus the creative, artistic side of art and good design.

Classes for a graphic design major focus on translating creative ideas onto the computer and learning how to manipulate them so that they are appealing to the audience receiving the piece. Art classes, including art theory, art history, including hands-on mediums such a s sketching and painting are all part of the degree. On the technology side, students also learn about the a variety of technological applications that are used to create outstanding design appropriate for clients. Classes in project management-- with a focus on coordination, communication and management-- provide new graphic designers with additional tools to help them be effective in the workplace.

A variety of industries use graphic designers. Organizations such as public relations and advertising firms, magazine publishers, and newspaper publishers commonly employ graphic designers. Large companies with their own communications department also employ graphic designers. Regardless of the environment, keeping up with technology is a major part of becoming a graphic designer. Designers who keep up with cutting-edge technology will be in high-demand as technology and advertising mediums change. In the future, graphic designers will continue to hold an important place in marketing and advertising campaigns, which makes it a good choice for students who love art and technology.

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