Individuals holding accounting degrees are well prepared for a diverse selection of career choices across both public and private sectors. The accumulation, interpretation and reporting of financial information are core curriculum focus points. And of course, in-depth training in the electronic filing and maintenance of financial records is also key. All sizes of public companies, nonprofit organizations, government entities, not-for-profits and all other types of businesses consistently depend upon accurate accounting services. Of course, those wishing to earn an accounting degree should sincerely enjoy analyzing and interpreting financial data. Don't try to force yourself into earning an accounting degree; it takes a certain type.

What is the general accounting curriculum like?

It should come as no surprise that students majoring in accounting will spend loads of time manipulating numbers. Students will not fare very well in an accounting program without a firm foundation in subjects including mathematics, statistics and economics just to name a few. Accounting students also study tax preparation techniques, bookkeeping, auditing and other field-specific topics. Specific curriculums will depend on the type of accounting degree being earned. Different types of accountants include:

  • Public accountants;
  • Auditors;
  • Government accountants;
  • Management accountants;

In most cases, an accountant will need to become certified on top of earning an undergraduate and/or graduate degree in accounting. Certification involves demonstrating fluent abilities in the type of accounting that is being tested. The most noted certification for accountants is the CPA (certified public accountant) designation. Others include CMAs (certified management accountants) and CFAs (chartered financial analysts).

Business never ends. Accounting majors are always in high demand and the future looks very good. The government, all businesses and all individuals that generate revenue can benefit from accurate accounting skills regularly. The field of accounting holds unlimited potential for satisfaction and lucrative gain for those inclined to enjoy the repetitive manipulation of financial information.

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